Socially Communicable

Forget about coffee – social media is kick-starting the days of more and more people. Of those using SM, half say they check in with Twitter and Facebook first thing in the morning, 18% before even leaving bed if they’re age 25 or younger. And regardless of age, 28% of iPhone users say they log in before getting up. The study of more than 1,000 Americans, conducted by Retrevo and cited on Social Media Today (3/21/10), also found that:
  • More than half (56%) of social media users say they check Facebook at least once a day -- 12% every couple of hours
  • Almost half (48%) check in bed
  • A third (32%) say meal interruption is no problem -- and 7% said they would even check out a message during an intimate moment
… An intimate moment? Really? How do you handle that?  Excuse me, my Sweet, I’m getting a tweet on what Ashton and Demi are having to eat!
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