Time Rebrand Labor Day?

It’s time to give Labor Day a rest. Let’s rename it—rebrand it, if you will.

Let’s call it Irony Day, or maybe Opposite Day — a holiday in honor of what it isn’t. Taking a day off to celebrate work… you gotta love that. Plus, hasn’t a day originally set aside to honor unions become an anachronism, even disingenuous?

Irony has a shelf life, so each year our reimagined festival could put a different subject to on its pedestal: the first Monday of next September, say, could celebrate war and we’d call it Peace Day. Then the following Sept. 1 could be devoted to gluttony, which we’d naturally dub Diet Day.

And Communications Day could celebrate our obsession with ever-new ways to connect through technology — not so much with each other than to our devices.

The possibilities are endless.